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    I've been practicing growling for 2 years or so. Starting to get some things down. Here's a super rough cover of an Insomnium tune.…
**Found a few people to help, thanks for the offers everyone!!!**  

If anyone can help me out with this, I would be EXTREMELY grateful!
I am getting my back tattooed in May, but what I want is in my head and it is difficult to explain it exactly how I want it.
Of course I cannot find any one image that is what I am wanting, so I was hoping someone wouldn't mind helping me out by creating the piece digitally, or at least close to what I want so I can explain it to my tattoo artist? I tried explaining it to him and he sorta tried to draw it a bit, but it just isn't coming together as I hoped.
I am sitting for the entire outline so it needs to be ready for May 11, or I'd have to change my appt lol.
Is anyone willing to help? It is a night time forest scene, dark, creepy, yet beautiful. With a few things incorporated into it.
If you are willing to give me a hand, please send a PM and I will discuss the details of it!
Thanks so much in advance! <3
If anyone wants to check us out. Sorry no music yet, but we are working on it. Hopefully we will have something up soon!…
Follow us to eventually hear what we're up to!…
Do you have anyone on your fb friend's list who does what you do as well, but doesn't seem to support you when you support them?

For example, I have a lot of photographers on my friend's list, many are in the same city as I am.
They are really good photographers, I check out their work, like photos, comment on photos, to support them

However, a lot of the photographers who I am friends with and also follow their work, never seem to follow my work or take any notice to any of my art.
I am not trying to sound like a bitch about it, but it makes me a bit sad. I put my time and care into seeing what they do and recognize it, but some never bother to look at my work.
How do I know this? Well for one they never like or comment on anything I do, and I have invited them a few times (not too often to spam, but from time to time) to like my page, but it is always ignored.
I feel like I don't want to bother following these photographer's work anymore because I personally know them and they do not follow my work in return.
Does this sound selfish? I hope it doesn't. On DA there are SO many people I could follow but it is very difficult to keep up with everyone. I have 805 new deviation messages to go through, but these are people all over the world.
The people who I know in my personal life is who I am referring to.

This has been bothering me for quite some time, just wanted to let it out... =/ Hopefully it doesn't make me sound like a bitch lol
I do miss DA, but it is hard to keep up with it.
I am so busy lately, I tend to lead a busy life, always have a lot on my plate, but I think I like that for the most part.
I've decided I am only going to upload my personal creative shoots/shots, occasional stock and perhaps some of my modeling
It also sucks we have an upload/download cap now on our internet since we've been in London.
In Wburg, our internet provider gave us unlimited which was awesome, but that is not available here.

I have so much to go through still, thanks for all the faves, uses of stock, comments, etc etc.
Hope all is well with everyone!
... I will do some more stock
For months I have been trying to form a melodic death metal band.
First I tried it in Wburg area, all I found was a drummer in a nearby city with no way to me.
I finally found a guitarist (Eric) here a few months ago, then I managed to get my buddy Bill to come in on bass.
Today we are auditioning a drummer, who I think will probably be well suited for this, Gerry.
Gerry and his buddy Mike (who I also know) have another band, Bloodmoon.
So Mike asked me when we come to hear Gerry play today, if they can hear me play piano as they are looking for a pianist and back up vocalist.
Opportunities everywhere!
I am excited about that too, I just hope I can keep up with it all!
I need more hours in a day, more days in a week!
I used to write here every day but I really do not have the time to keep up with DA anymore.
I leave my account open and update occasionally (just uploading a couple new images now)

So some new things ....

I moved to London (Ontario), WOO!!!
Chris and I wanted to do this for years and it finally happened!
I just got internet yesterday even though we moved Aug 23.
Had to deal with data on my phone since then, went over easily having to upload client's photos lol

I am photographing my good friend Jenn (DemonikaDemise) and John's wedding this Sunday!!!
Big congrats to them!

Started getting a band together, so far it is just myself and a guitarist, Eric.
Kinda got my buddy Bill to join with his bass (he is in Battlesoul, look them up, one of the best London bands)
However Bill is in Kitchener so we have not been able to do a practice with him yet.
Might audition a drummer soon, things are just still all over the place since moving.
I did start to write a song on piano though!

This is a really shitty rough draft of it, I've got it going much quicker and smoother now, but this gives you an idea…

Trying to get shoots to pick up which isn't easy in a new city and with $0 for advertising.
But I decided to pick up more TF shoots with new London models, that way all their friends (hopefully) see the images and that seems to be helping me get more interest in shoots.

I did Mulletcorpse's promo shots this summer as well.
And now somehow I am going to do their first music video!
I don't really know what I am doing, but a friend is going to help me edit it!
Hoping to get it shot this October, have a meeting about planning it today.
Their fb>

Some very exciting news...
I am working on getting a date with Lindsay Schoolcraft (from Cradle Of Filth!)
She is going to come down, I am going to do her promo photos AND AND AND we are going to write a song together!!!!
She's such a sweetie, we've been talking a few months
I suggest liking her page and checking out her music, I purchased her album, it is lovely…

And lastly
I started playing Magic, The Gathering
I am officially a geek now

Hope all is well with everyone else.
I apologize that I have 1604 messages and 5297 deviation watches.. I have no idea how I am going to get through them, or when I will be able to
I am attempting to update with some of my recent work
Been doing a lot of bands which is the upside
Downside is not much paid work lately, but I am hoping it'll pick up once I move!

A shitty note, my mum has kidney failure so life is crazy right now.
She should be on the mend though, she is in the hospital and on meds.
I do not have any time for this website. The odd time I come on I have a ton of messages everywhere, mostly about using my stock and that is hard enough to keep up with.
I won't be uploading anything here anymore
Keep up with my pages


That Chris and I are getting married..............

In Norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We talked about eloping here, just getting it done with. Regular clothes, just quick, ta da we're married.
I said either we do that or something we both like.
Somehow a viking wedding came up and I said, well, if we're doing a viking wedding we have to do it in Norway.
And Chris totally agreed, so yep, Viking Norway wedding!!

For those who don't know we've been engaged for something like 4 years but we never use the title of 'engaged.'
Chris thinks you should only say 'engaged' when your actually planning the wedding and getting married soon.
But we have been living with my parents so we didn't want to get married while living with them.
Since we are moving to London soon we are going to get married once we move out - and can afford it.. key words, when we can afford it.

Even though I don't want to spend much money on a wedding, if we're going to Norway and having a Viking themed wedding, we kinda gotta do it so it's awesome, or what's the point of doing it at all?
We won't really be inviting anyone, a couple close friends as witnesses, possibly my parents (don't tell them but I'd kinda rather not have family there lol)...
It won't be traditional wedding by any standards.
We want to wear sort of casual/slightly elegant/kinda warrior style clothing.
Chris actually really likes what Ragnar wears in Vikings, I don't necessarily want a dress, I'd kinda like a woman warrior outfit (not armor though)
I want to get married in a Fjord! Possibly on a viking boat, or at least get some photos on a boat.

So I am thinking probably in 2015.
That should give us some time to save for the trip, the wedding costs etc.
And we'll be going right into our honeymoon after that!
We want to travel a few european countries while we are there =)

We'll have some type of reception or get together (again, NON traditional wedding, I'm not into the typical wedding) when we come back here for family and friends.
Anyways, I could go on more about it but I won't, but it is going to be so awesome!!!

And some more good news, Chris' best friend told him he can stay with him for a few months to work in London so we can save up to get our own place!
I hope to get Chris there asap, so we're handing our resumes on Sat.
My goal is to have a place in London by Aug or Sep, I hope that happens!!!!

More cool things for me, I started drum lessons and I will soon be taking more vocal lessons!
Still looking for band mates, I have a feeling things will fall into place soon with that.
Things are going really well for me for the most part.

My secret? The secret!
The law of attraction works, it is very difficult to keep positive and keep at it, but when one does, one gets amazing outcomes and I am so grateful for that!

Thank you universe!!!!
I'm not going to abandon DA but I need to cut back in ways on it cause I just can't keep up with it
I feel bad but I'll probably end up unwatching everyone just due to not being able to check out everyone's work
BUT I can suggest everyone linking me one of their new favourite pieces of art in my journal and I can check out a little bit there, it's just overwhelming when I have over a thousand new deviations to check out =/

Lots of good things for me though!

Started drum lessons yesterday and was given a free drum set by my new teacher Karl Sloman - if your a drummer, look him up you won't be dissapointed.
He has a new drum reading method that is GENIUS!!!
All his students learn so much faster than any other students!! Including me - score!!

I also ordered my bass! I found the last one in stock in Edmonton, SO excited for it to arrive!!

AND I am going to take more vocal lessons to polish up my soprano voice!!!
Yeah, I am now addicted
I did a shoot of a friend the other day and she looooves wolves. I want to photoshop a wolf into the background of one of the photos of her, but I am having a hard time making it look right.
I am wondering if anyone would like to help me do it/collab on the image?
I am debating on deleting my account
I'm not on here enough, I don't have time to upload everything to DA (one file at a time crap) as well as upload it all to facebook
I get all my paid work through FB, nothing comes from DA except basically putting my stock up and it's not like I get paid for my stock, I uploaded it as free stock
I'm just barely on here, my life is too busy, some things need to go.
I have a stack of messages and watches I don't have time to reply to either
Feel kinda bad about it but I don't see a reason to keep my DA anymore
First thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, I had a pretty good birthday!
My parents were super nice and bought me the 24-70 2.8!!!
Haven't really tested it out, sorta, one shot of Chris and some photos of the London bog, but it's not meant for landscapes it's more for people, I need more people to shoot!!

I have a band shoot tomorrow, promo photos, so using it for that.
Then right after the band shoot I am hoping I can get to Chatham in time to photograph a band that is playing at 8 pm (I realistically could shoot at 7, it takes a half hour to get to Chatham, so I don't know if I'll be able to make it or not).
Then I'd have new promo and live performance photos for my portfolio all in a day!

My tattoo appt is next Sat, I friggin hope it ends up happening this time, I have been waiting so long to get it!!!!

I've been trying to do more affirmations, ask for what I want, then visualize having it, then give thanks for it.

Still looking for people to start a metal band with, it hasn't been easy to find positive, easy going, talented people who want to play the same music as I do and are not overly far away.
I hope by doing more affirmations I will draw them to me, or me to them!
I do have a drummer who wants to play metal, but he doesn't have anywhere to set up his drums right now which sucks.
I also got together with a guitarist who isn't really into metal, but he's really nice, we've been attempting to play things like Coldplay lol, it's good for experience though.
May get together with some other people who are forming a hard rock band, not quite metal, but again, would be more experience for a while.

Hope all is well with everyone!
My life is changing and I am happy about it, but I am still doing things in life that I don't really care to do anymore..
Such as modeling
I don't get paid to do it, so therefore I put all this $ into clothing and such for shoots, take an entire day for the shoot (getting ready, the actual shoot, travelling etc)
It's almost a waste to me.
And on top of that, I have a shoot coming up that the photographer didn't really help me prepare for (no hair and make up, I can do my own make up but I can't do hair)
And I spent like $400 on this fucking outfit! I am getting no compensation to help for the outfit cost or anything.
I'm not looking forward to it, I don't even WANT to do it at this point...

Just needed to rant a bit.

On the other hand, MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!!!
And band photography!!!
That's what I am venturing into now.
Anyone want to do me an awesome favour and like and share my page (either on DA or FB or both?) for me??
I am LOVING this band photography oh my fucking god, photograph meal bands?

I'd like to get my page out there more to get people to see my photos, trying to send them all to the bands too
Would be super appreciated!!…

Lots more images uploaded there as well, takes a long time to do them one by one on DA